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We own the local franchise in San Francisco for ITEX. ITEX is the leading marketplace for cashless business transactions across North America. Our members processed more than $300 million in transactions last year. Members increase sales, conserve cash and utilize new distribution channels by using ITEX dollars to transact business.

Increase Your Cash Flow

With ITEX dollars, you can purchase products and services without spending cash.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Spending ITEX dollars conserves your cash dollars - and having more cash in your pocket improves your bottom line.

Attract New Customers

Market your products and services to a growing network of ITEX members and attract new customers.

Generate New Sales

By selling your product or service for IEX dollars, you generate new sales and increase revenue, providing you more purchasing power.


We are experts at trading and media. ITEX knows a lot about trade. We lead the market in facilitating the sale and purchase of media with a trade component. Developing and managing a successful trading program is very simple if you find an intermediary; who knows how to work with you. Thatís what we do.

With ITEX dollars, youíll never think of money the same way again!

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